dralexandra (dralexandra) wrote,

Sacred Earth

Исполнительница - классическая балерина в прошлом. С 1985-го по 1995-й была первой солисткой Национального балета Канады. Не знаю уж, почему она уволилась во цвете лет. Возможно, после этой истории:

"The No. 1 spectacular catastrophe, everyone agrees, occurred during a performance of The Merry Widow and involved the passionate love duet between Caroline Richardson's Valencienne and Peter Ottmann's Camille.

A bit of lace had come loose from Richardson's under-dress, and just before the pas de deux, Ottmann tried to pull it off. He only made it longer. During the course of the dance, the couple's entwined partnering kept tugging on the lace, making it unravel even more until they were encased in metres and metres of material, and Richardson's under-dress was barely a loincloth. The two dancers executed every step, however.

So singular was this event that stage manager Ernie Abugov made a backstage announcement, which is how the entire company ended up in the wings watching the bizarre scene unfold. At the end of the dance, Valencienne and Camille disappear into the pavilion at the back of the stage for their assignation, and the last sight of Ottmann was the dancer furiously pulling the piles of wayward lace through the door.

The audience gave the couple a standing ovation."

Думаю, мир ничего не потерял. За последующие 20 лет Кэролайн Ричардсон много интересного сделала в сольных проектах.


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